Developed between 1996 and 1999, the series Sensation Laboratories (SL) explored the perceived confllct between a speech about art and the experience of an art work itself.

The SLworks were performed in the middle of the room and the audience, inside a cube of black fabric. I spoke about art, while processing my voice and mixing this with a pre-recorded soundtrack. Working with sound provocatively, I played with the transitions between different psychic-physical states. In the totally darkened environment, my visual outline appeared only occasionally, with strobe flashes that also shaped the sound. Any intellectual effort to follow what was being said was simultaneously counteracted by a profusion of auditory and visual stimuli.



Instrumentation: stroboscope and neon lamp modulating audio generator sounds through photosensitive circuits; pre-recorded audio-track and laptop; voice, microphones and digital processors.


  • "Sensations Laboratory 3", performance-installation,
    EIF - Experimental Intermedia Foundation NY, USA
  • "Sensations Laboratory 2a", performance & lecture,
    Weslayan University, Middletown, USA
  • "Sensations Laboratory 2", performance-installation,
    ZDB Gallery, Lisboa, PT
  • "Sensations Laboratory 1", performance-installation,
    FBA – UL – University of Fine Arts, Lisboa, PT
without voice



Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, PT
FLAD- Portuguese-American Foundation for Development, PT
Insituto Camões / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PT
IAC-Institute for Contemporary Arts, PT