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The AG#2 software was premiered November 13th 2013.

  • Adriana Sa, at STEIM, Amsterdam (2016)
  • Adriana Sa and Helena Espvall, at Carpe Diem, Lisbon (2015)
  • Adriana Sa, Nuno Torres and Nuno Mourão, at Carpe Diem, Lisbon (2015)
  • Adriana Sa, at Invisible Places 2014, Viseu (2014)
  • Adriana Sa, John Klima and To Trips, at Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon (2013).
  • Adriana Sa, at EAVI performance series at Amersham Arms, London (2013) .
  • Adriana Sa, at Goldsmiths College, London (2013) .

The Arpeggio-Detuning software was premiered during the summer 2013.

  • Trem Azul, Lisbon
  • Sonoscopia, Porto
  • Sabaduo, Lisbon
  • 175 Santana, Lisbon

The AG#1 software was developed along with the Windowmatter project series (2008-12).

  • Performances in Portugal were at:
    • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,
    • Teatro S. Luis
    • ZDB
    • Canto do Século
    • Festival Bang
    • Musicbox
    • Espaço
    • Largo do Século
    • Regueirão dos Anjos
    • Moagem do Fundão
    • Bomba Suicida.
  • In London, at St. James Church.
  • In Madrid, at Off-Limits.
  • In NYC, at Share.


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